Centered in Denmark, the action of the saga spreads over most of Scandinavia and a large area of Northern Europe. This map names some of the major lands and seas while locating the following sites and kingdoms:

England: King Nordri, father of Ogn the wife of Hroar, ruled over part of England.

Denmark: Kingdom of Hrolf, ruled from his stronghold at Hleidargard. Early in the saga, Halfdan rules Denmark until deposed by his jealous brother Frodi. Halfdan's son Helgi recovers the kingship and rules until slain. He is succeeded by his son Hrolf.

Finnmark: The home of Hvit in far northern Scandinavia.

Fyris Plains: Plains in Sweden, located south of Uppsala. Hrolf scatters gold on the Fyris Plains, distracting the pursuing forces of King Adils.

Gautland: The kingdom of Bodvar Bjarki´s brother, Thorir Hound's Foot. Located in southwestern Sweden.

Hleidargard: King Hrolf's royal seat, located on the central island of Sjælland. Today, the modern town of Lejre near Roskilde (Hroar's Spring).

Northumberland: The kingdom of Hroar, Halfdan's son, located in northeastern England.

Saxland: The kingdom of Queen Olof, mother of Yrsa and grandmother of Hrolf, located in northern Germany.

Sweden: The kingdom ruled by Adils, and the home of farmer Svip, whose son, Svipdag, becomes one of Hrolf's champions.

Uppsala: Royal seat of Sweden, site of King Adils' court.