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The Saga of the Volsungs

Penguin, 1999

ISBN 0-14-044738-5

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Note on Names, Spelling, and Pronunciation

  1. Odin Guides Sigi from the Otherworld*
  2. The Birth of Volsung
  3. Sigmund Draws the Sword from Barnstock
  4. Siggeir Plots Revenge*
  5. The Fall of Volsung
  6. Signy Plots Revenge*
  7. Signy Gives Birth to Sinfjotli
  8. Sigmund and Sinfjotli Don the Skins
  9. Helgi Marries Sigrun
  10. Concerning the Volsungs
  11. Sigmund Marries Hjordis*
  12. Hjordis Remarries*
  13. The Birth of Sigurd
  14. The Otter's Ransom*
  15. Regin Fashions Gram
  16. Gripir Foretells Sigurd's Future*
  17. Sigurd Kills Lyngvi and Hjorvard and All the Others
  18. Regin and Sigurd Go Riding
  19. Regin Drinks Fafnir's Blood
  20. Sigurd Eats the Serpent's Heart
  21. Concerning Sigurd
  22. Brynhild's Wise Councel
  23. Concerning Sigurd's Appearance
  24. Sigurd Comes to Heimar
  25. The Conversation between Sigurd and Brynhild
  26. Concerning King Gjuki and His Sons
  27. Brynhild Interprets Gudrun's Dream
  28. The Ale of Forgetfulness is Blended for Sigurd
  29. Sigurd Rides through the Wavering Flames of Brynhild, the Daughter of Budli
  30. Disputes of the Queens, Brynhild and Gudrun
  31. Brynhild's Grief Only Increases
  32. The Betrayal of Sigurd
  33. Brynhild's Request
  34. The Disappearance of Gudrun
  35. Gudrun Carves Runes
  36. Hogni Interprets His Wife's Dream
  37. The Brothers' Journey from Home
  38. The Battle in the Fortress and the Victory
  39. Hogni is Captured
  40. The Conversation between Atli and Gudrun
  41. Concerning Gudrun
  42. Svanhild is Married and Trampled to Death under the Hooves of Horses
  43. Gudrun Urges Her Sons to Avenge Svanhild
  44. Concerning the Sons of Gudrun. The Final Chapter

Eddic Poems Used By the Saga Author

*Chapter titles with an asterisk have been supplied by the translator; all other titles are in the original manuscript.




The saga of the Volsungs

The saga of the Volsungs



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