Archaeological Field Work

In reconstructing the early social history of the Mosfell Valley region, the research integrates information on the changing periods of occupation.

We are excavating individual sites, both secular and religious, and considering their placement in relationship to one another. We will examine the apportionment of open spaces and the utilization of common lands in the highlands and on the coast.

Written, archaeological, and other scientific information is integrated into this study as we construct a picture of life in Iceland during the Viking Age and after.

In the yearly Field Season pages which follow, we summarize the results of each of our seasons of fieldwork and the finds of particular interest.

Excavation of the Hrísbrú Viking Age Church by the Mosfell Archaeological Project

The Hrísbrú Viking Age church under excavation.

Skeletal Remains in an Hrísbrú Grave Excavated by the Mosfell Archaeological Project

A skeleton in the excavated graveyard at Hrísbrú.

Mosfell Archaeological Project Members Excavating the Hrísbrú Longhouse

A group of Mosfell Archaeology Project members; Davide Zori, Jennie Dillon, Rebecca Richman, Megan DuBois, and Margret Hallmundsdóttir excavating the Hrísbrú Longhouse.